A crystal clear view for a fundamental shift

Solving complex issues is our passion. In doing so we go beyond the brilliant analysis. We trigger large organizations to start moving by devoting our hearts and minds to their needs. Together with our clients, we develop solutions that are both recognizable to them yet fundamentally different. And that contribute to sustainably better results – both for our clients and for our society at large.


We work for large organizations. Together with our clients we realise breakthroughs in complex issues. Sector knowledge often comes from our clients; we bring new perspective, structure and focus.

The result of our work is a concrete strategy that clearly shows what to do differently tomorrow in order to achieve sustainably better results – at all layers of the organization.


Our approach is unique. With an open, curious mind we question everything and dive deep into the data to develop a thorough understanding of the elementary value drivers of the business. And we do not give up until the issue is solved.

We choose our ‘tools’ depending on the needs of the situation. Do not expect standard methods, averaged models or lengthy presentations from us. Change requires clarity.

Combining the creativity and powerful data-analyses of Eurékon with the experience and skill of our professionals turned out to be the ideal combination to structurally reduce our purchasing costs. Thus providing the means to further improve healthcare. Eurékon delivers.

Stefan Kroese

Chair of the board, Northwest Clinics (Noordwest Ziekenhuisgroep)


We deliberately do not specialise in any sector or subject. We work for courageous clients. Scroll to the right to view some examples of our work. In addition, we occasionally share analyses on our blog.

We deliberately do not specialise in any sector or subject. Rather, we combine insights from different sectors to develop valuable solutions. However, this does not mean that we accept every assignment.

We only work with organisations whose management is looking for change and are open to unexpected directions. Clients who are looking for a powerful outboard engine while staying at the helm themselves. Courageous clients.

Our strength is in teamwork and focused effort. That is why we deploy several people full time at one project – preferably in one room alongside our client’s team.

Transition to zero CO2 emissions for an international airport

Reducing CO2 emissions is essential for major further development. Together, we developed a roadmap with clear choices to reach 'zero' in an economically sensible way. For all processes; together with all stakeholders.

Reduce procurement costs for a large hospital

How to maintain nursing care when procurement costs rise yet turnover is stable? Together with medical specialists and employees, we renegotiated contracts, adapted specifications and found new suppliers. Thus providing financial means to improve the quality of care.

Lower costs and less hindrance for infrastructure company

To understand the business, we spent nights on the railway tracks and coupled databases by day. Together, we created a completely new planning system for maintenance activities. This did not result in the expected trade-off between hindrance and costs, but rather in yearly €130mln cost savings combined with 30% less hindrance.

Route to market for a chocolate brand in a European country

How to introduce a premium brand of chocolate without the two current market leaders forcing you into unbearably high marketing costs? Together with our client we developed a winning strategy.

European strategy for a Japanese car manufacturer

Sales in Europe fell by 30% in a year and a half. Interviews with dealers in six countries resulted in a long list of possible causes. We showed that two factors explained 80% of the decline. This allowed for a targeted solution that required much less investment than expected.

Turning around a loss-making zero emission Public Transport concession

Even before the concession started, we showed how purchasing better suited zero emission buses, introducing a new bus line and optimising the planning would deliver a profitable exploitation. Our client took action immediately thus realising a profitable start.

Determining commercial focus for an engineering consultancy

Competition from freelancers as well as other structural market changes resulted in losses. Together, we determined which projects for which customers contributed positively. And adjusted both the commercial strategy and the internal operations to become profitable again.

Turnaround for Holiday Parks

European company that was stuck in a downward spiral of ever later booking customers at increasing discounts. Root cause turned out not to be the quality of the product but the commercial operation. Together, we reversed the trend and brought stability to the organisation.

Disruption in operation of a sewage company

Private equity owned company wanted to grow profitably. We undertook a 'sewerage traineeship' and discovered a way to achieve the same result in less time and with less investments. That was the basis for strong growth – both in market share and in profitability.

Define innovation focus for global leader in international payments

Respected, reliable party wanted to add value for its customers. However, only a small proportion of customers were crucial for continued success and even existence. Together, we ensured that the innovation agenda was tailored to their wishes.

Achieving growth for a European business services provider

Despite heathy growth in turnover, the profitability of a secondment agency decreased. Together, we figured out what was causing the decline. Changing both the commercial focus and placement policies proved key in increasing profitability and maintaining staff.

FMCG producer seeks profitable growth

With numerous discounts and promotions, a good understanding of the net margin by product and customer was lacking. In just a few weeks, we gained a thorough understanding of products, orders and customers. Together, we adapted the marketing and pricing strategy (including key account plans) and reduced logistics costs. Leading to highly profitable growth.

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Eurékon consistently delivers high quality breakthrough advice based on quantitative analyses. I am particularly impressed with the way we cooperate in our projects. Based on mutual respect, a joint and highly effective team of Schiphol and Eurékon developed in a very natural way.

Richard Emmerink

Director Strategy & Airport Planning Schiphol

Our five core values make us who we are:
→ Together
→ Powerful and modest
→ Sincere
→ Balanced
→ Sustainable

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Working together results in better solutions in less time. On your own, you may conceive beautiful things; together, you realise breakthroughs.

Powerful and modest

Our clients are experts in their sector. We add a new perspective and focus. Both elements are essential.


We are clear about what we know and do not know. We add our hearts and minds to the work. And we report what we see and experience – also when it’s confronting.


Our profession requires analytical power as well as creativity and intuition. Structurally working long hours does not help insight and action; relaxation and some reflection does.


We aim for durability. The interests of our clients are paramount – but do not prevail over those of our society. We seek to have positive impact for both and take all stakeholders into account. We are a certified carbon neutral company.

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The Eurékon-method is a recipe for radically new insight that is the basis for a convincing ‘case for change’. Several times, this has proven to be very valuable.

Hans Peters

CCO Eneco Group


We are proud of our team of top-tier strategy consultants. Each of us has unique strengths, but none of us alone can achieve what we achieve together.

Browse to the right for a short introduction of our team members.

Arjan Reindersreinders@eurekon.nl / +316 5229 0769

Arjan worked with clients in a wide range of sectors and projects. He is our ‘best dressed man’ and since 2018 proud father of a little girl. Extremely goal-oriented and efficient. Passionate about classic watches and cars, yet always modest and thoughtful.

Arjan (1987) studied Economics at the University of Uppsala in Sweden and Business Management at the University of Groningen (both cum laude). He also lived and studied for some time in Taiwan. In 2010, Arjan joined Strategy Development Partners – the forerunner of Eurékon of which he is a co-founder.

Eurekon - Melle de Vent
Eurekon - Melle de Vent

Melle de Ventvent@eurekon.nl / +316 2033 3498

Melle likes to discuss visions of the future and translate these into specific actions today. He has the uncontrollable urge to understand how things work – and loves to find out with others. A sports fanatic covering everything from field-hockey to wing foiling.

Melle (1994) graduated cum laude in Industrial Engineering: Automation & Control at the University of Groningen. Worked in South Korea on operating systems for autonomous vehicles and for a global media company before he started his career at Eurékon.

Elise van den Bergevandenberge@eurekon.nl / +316 3176 7631

Elise enjoys getting things done. Preferably in a team. For years, she managed a team in a brassiere-restaurant to deliver customers the best experience day in, day out. At the same time, she studied the most complex business models. At Eurékon, both passions are joined: solving complex issues in order to realise performance improvements for our clients.

Elise (1998) obtained her Master in Econometrics & Management Science and a Bachelor in Econometrics & Operations Research from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Throughout her studies she has worked in a brassiere restaurant – with increasing responsibilities managing staff and administration.

Niels Janssenjanssen@eurekon.nl / +316 2745 2602

Our managing partner with over 20 years of wide-ranging generalist experience. Dancer and technician. Strong from hypothesis to analysis and initiating change. He always has a listening ear for clients and the team. Nothing motivates him more than providing direction to people with a genuine question – both in business and in his private life.

Niels (1971) studied Applied Physics at the University of Twente and Japanese Language and Business Studies at Leiden University. He has lived and worked in the Philippines and Japan. In 1998 he started his consulting career at OC&C Strategy Consultants. In 2006 he co-founded Strategy Development Partners - the predecessor of Eurékon. Niels is also a certified coach at Leadership Insight.

Pieter Braamsbraams@eurekon.nl / +316 1689 2563

Our most relaxed team member loves to make music and eat good food (but prefers not to cook). He keeps an overview even in the most complex analyses. This enables him to lead the team to alternative 'courses of thought' if necessary.

Pieter (1990) holds a double master's degree from Delft University of Technology (Chemical Engineering and Management of Technology). He started his consulting career immediately after his studies and is co-founder of Eurékon.

Ton Nguyennguyen@eurekon.nl / +316 4672 7818

This keen observer and photography enthusiast masters the art of having a lot of impact with just a few words. When Ton speaks, it is wise to listen.

Ton (1993) obtained a master's degree in Applied Physics from the University of Twente. Completed part of his studies at the Danish University of Aarhus and did research at the renowned Centre for Quantum Computation and Communications Technology in Australia. Ton is co-founder of Eurékon.

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We are more than open to strengthening our team of top-tier strategy consultants. We are always looking for people who trust their intuition and dare to run counter to the mainstream – in the interest of our client or society. Analytically strong and with an open mind.

Diversity leads to better results. We are therefore also looking for people who will make our team more diverse – in all kind of ways.

Each of us has their own specific strengths and experience. No one can do it alone – teamwork is the essence. We continuously invest in the development of our team and every individual. That, too, is custom-made.

Visit our career website for information and tips regarding the application procedure, or contact us at career@eurekon.nl / +316 1689 2563 (Pieter Braams).

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